I am heading to the homebrew shop today to pick up a few things.  For the most part, they are ingredients for the brown porter I am going to brew.  The brew day has been selected and it is happening this Sunday (11/16/08).

I need to pick up all the specialty malts, the hops, and the yeast for the recipe.   If you are following along at home, you can check out my brown porter recipe.

Plus, I need to pick up some Star San.   I think it’s the best sanitzer out there.  No need to rinse, no fear of weird flavors, and as their site says, it is not affected by organic materials which means it keeps its sanitizing ability for longer.

Since the homebrew shop I am visiting today does not have Brown malt, I might try to make some of my own.  That’s my latest hair-brained scheme for this beer.  I found some instructions online and I will give it a try.  It consists of toasting pale malt in the oven to get the targeted color…which I guess is brown.

I will taste it before I use it.  If it tastes bad, then no go. If it tastes all right, then caution will officially be thrown to the wind…yet again.

We’ll throw some pictures and maybe some video up of the brew day.

Brew on.