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I have lived in the same neighborhood for 4 summers now. I brew out of my garage with the door wide open. I brew right at the entry to the garage for all the world to see me. Only once in my brewing career at this location has some passer by yelled up to me: “You brewing beer?!?!”

Each night I walk the dog through the ‘hood with many single and two car garages. But never do I see anyone brewing beer. Never have I walked down the streets and smelled the sweet allure of malt and hops wafting in the night air.

So my question is; where are all the homebrewers? Either there are none in my area or they ALL brew on the EXACT SAME nights that I brew. Where are my brewing comrades at arms????

It surely is a lonely brew kettle in my town I guess.

How about yours?


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  1. DJ @ Fermentarium

    I brew out on my front porch (cue banjo music). Never once has anyone (who didn’t know me) stop and ask if I were brewing beer. They always ask “are you frying a turkey?” I’ve tried to encourage other homebrewers in my neighborhood, but no one else does it consistently.

  2. My neighbor is a homebrewer. Brews a few times a year. Other than that I don’t know of any within walking distance. Of course I live in suburbia where the houses are a bit farther apart.

    Within 10 miles there are certainly a few I talk to from time to time.

  3. I saw a guy on the bus with a BYO magazine just two weeks ago. It was the issue with the article on brewing gluten free beer…so it wasn’t the most recent issue. Maybe he’s looking to make a beer that won’t cause an allergic reaction?

    So I speculate there are at least two homebrewers in Malden, MA.

  4. I wonder if more people would perk up to my late night kettle goings on if I WAS frying turkeys? I should try that out some night.

  5. Bryan

    In my neighborhood I am thought as strange (so my teenage boys say) for brewing beer. No one else homebrews, but they like to sample my creations.

  6. Since I’m just a partial masher, I do it all in my kitchen. When my young family is older and I can devote more time to the craft, I will do all grain. I always envisioned doing it on my backyard patio, but this post has me thinking that I should do it in my driveway for all the world to see.

    I’ve been personally responsible for getting 6 other locals into the hobby, so I know they are out there.

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