Its our second tasting video of beer sent in by some of our loyal followers from our YouTube Channel. This week we taste a great beer from Damien Osbourne! He sent us in a great American Amber with a touch of Rye in it. Check out the video for a review of this great beer.

American Amber from extract with a pound of crystal rye.
0.5 oz of Columbus at 30 minutes.
1oz of Cascade at Flame out.

This is a great example of simple brewing made great by a couple keep ingredient and process decisions coupled with great care and expertise in the fermentation phase. Damien is an normally and all grain brewer but put together this beer in extract format, just because he could. We thought it was absolutely great.

There was a wonderful malt presence that was very well fermented. Dried out enough to let the simple hop bill carry the beer. The usage of the crystal rye really makes a great bridge between the hops and the extract malt bill. The beer was nearly crystal clear with no sediment in the bottle indicating a possible keg fill. I wondered if the beer had been filtered.

The yeast on this brew was WYEAST 1450 which is Denny’s Favorite Yeast from no other than Denny Conn. This yeast is a great attenuator (which works very well with extract brews to make sure they dry out enough) and this yeast really helps the hops shine, something very important with such a small hopping regime.

We both loved this beer. Thanks Damien for sending it out to us. Damien asked us to help him put it into a style category with BJCP. I figure that straight up American Amber (19A 2015 BJCP) would be the best place. The rye character isn’t that strong, but its present enough that it simply enhances that simple hop bill.

Damien also sent us a little bonus. He sent us a bottle of local (to him) BBQ sauce. It was a jalapeƱo infused tomato based sauce. We tried it off camera and really loved it. Maybe we’ll have to do something non-beer related with it in a future video. Thanks so much for the sauce Damien. Cheers!

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