Hi there – it’s time for another homebrew swap with your buddies, these Brew Dudes.

This week, we are tasting beers from a guy named Jaime from CT, USA.

He sent us a couple of beers – an American IPA and an American Dark Lager.

As homebrew beers go, these were pretty tasty. Watch this video to see what we thought of them in detail.

In his free time, Jaime put together a little video vignette of Brew Dude clips. Since we liked it so much, we put it into this week’s video. I believe we do a good job setting it up.

As we roll along and do these videos, we have encountered some pretty amazing people along the way. I know we say these words often, but really, thanks. We have had some of the greatest feedback.

Homebrewers are the best kind of people in the whole world.

The Beer Tasting Notes

Now, back to the video. The Black Lager is an award winning brew that he named “Let the Wookie Win.”

It had a smooth taste with noble hop character throughout. Also, it had a nice bready, malty background with a nice Pilsener base.

When we looked at the clarity of this beer, it was quite clear. We felt like the bottle that was sent to us must have been filled from a keg since there was no sediment in the bottle.

The IPA had great hop character and there was a good amount of hops in it.

Columbus, Saaz, and Amarillo were the varieties he brewed with and he added them all into the boil. There were no dry hop additions to this beer but the aroma was strong. Even with 2 ounces of Columbus, the bitterness was in check.

The combination of hops was intriguing – there seemed to be a nice transition of American to Czech/Noble back to American hops happening in this IPA and we enjoyed it.

Hope you got something out of this post and this video. BREW ON!