Hey – this beer swap is special because this is the first one that has homebrew in cans! The Crafty Neighbor Brewing Company have been getting together on a weekly basis to brew and can their beer in preparation of going pro. The guys gave us a few cans of their specialty stouts for us to review. Check out our homebrew swap exchange number 33!

Homebrew Beer In Cans

There was something magical about pouring our homebrewed beer out of a can. We had two milk stouts to try so it was nice to see the tan heads appear in the glasses. The first one was called Creepy Neighbor and the other one was named Want Samoa?

Creepy Neighbor #2

This beer was a milk stout aged on almond butter. It gave the flavor a butterscotch flavor. There were some strong caramel notes too. We wondered if the sweetness came from the lactose or the almond butter or both. It was a sweet beer that would be good as a short pour as an after dinner drink.

Want Samoa?

This milk stout was aged on toasted coconut flakes and cocoa nibs. The beer was drier than the other one and its roasty notes were more pronounced. The coconut tasted less toasted and more raw, which wasn’t a bad thing. Mike found more toasted coconut in the aroma. The late Willamette hop addition was nice too.

Can’t Wait To See The Canning Process

We were honored to try these beers from Crafty Neighbor. When the weather gets a little more settled, we will go down there and check out the canning equipment they have and the process they follow to package their beer.