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Brew Dudes Community Brew 2018

Hey – we have an announcement to make.

Since we had a good time doing it last year, we are doing the Community Brew thang again in 2018.

What’s the Community Brew? Well, the concept started when we reflected on the brew videos we were posting. We do a lot of drinking our own beer, which is great for us but not as great for everyone watching. So our thought was to put out a recipe for a beer for anybody who wanted to brew it with us on the same day. We chose the Extra Special Bitter (ESB) style to formulate a recipe, posted it, and then brewed it.

Then, we offered homebrewers to send and swap their beers with others who brewed the same beer. We had people from around the world brewing this beer. It was a great thing.

Here’s last year’s recap.

That was then – this is now. Let’s get to our 2018 announcement.

Please Vote

We are putting out three beer styles for you to choose one for the Community brew. Here are your choices:

  • Cream Ale
  • Brown Ale
  • Belgian Wheat (Wit)

You can vote for your selection in the comments below.

Next week, we will announce the winner and we will formulate a recipe using BeerSmith. Mike will post a video of him putting that together.

We will then pick a date to brew it and then, if you are willing, we can coordinate with you and other homebrewers to share your beers.



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2018 Brew Dudes Community Brew Recipe


  1. Terrell Williams

    Hey guys! I’m voting for Brown Ale! Cheers

  2. Thanks Terrell – Your vote has been noted!

  3. Keith

    I vote brown ale

  4. Thanks Keith – your vote has been noted!

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