Braggot Honey and Malt Style Profile


I love that name for a style of beer, fermented beverage…whatever you want to call it.

Braggot is in its simplest form a 50/50 blend of Honey and Malt.

We know 100% malt fermentation as Beer. And if you didn’t know already, 100% honey fermentation is a Mead.  When they come together in significant ratios, it is known as a Braggot.

I haven’t had too many Braggots.  The best of my memory brings back trying Brother Adam Braggot from the Atlantic Brewery in Maine.

Braggot should strike a balance between beer flavors and mead flavors.  Just like any mead or beer, the residual sweetness, tartness, dryness, etc. etc. will vary with the ration of honey to malt and the style of beer or type of honey being used.

You don’t hear a lot about Braggot these days, but the style mystifies me.  I have only had a few meads but the couple I have had were great.

Brewing this style, I would suppose that a simple blend of clover honey and DME would be a good start.  Balancing out the gravity of each together to get that 50/50 blend.  I would expect to use perhaps either a good American Ale yeast for its clean characters, however a mead yeast with a higher alcohol tolerance may be better suited to help dry out the product.  So many options.

This style may be a good one to experiment with in the upcoming new year.  But I wanted to write about to help me start thinking about using more honey in brewing and maybe a Braggot is a good way to combine my depth of experience in beer brewing with mead making before diving headlong into outright mead making.