Best Cider Yeast

Through internet research and informal polling, I have come up with the list for the best yeast to make hard cider.

I am not sure if it is THE list, but it’s the best from what I gathered.

In the past, I have used a Champagne yeast strain and it made a very dry cider.  I was looking for a better alternative.

Here is my list for the best cider yeasts:

  • Lallemand Nottingham Ale
  • Safale S-04
  • White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast

Again, this list is based on asking people online about what they use and reading forums, blog posts, brewing websites, etc.

I haven’t used any of these personally but before the end of October, I will.

Mike is heading to a Local Home Brew Shop in Cambridge, MA tomorrow and I gave him this list as a guide.  I don’t have a preference outside of using something that isn’t champagne yeast.

It was interesting that Wyeast and Mead yeast did not make the list.  Hmmmm.

Any other thoughts?