Aeration Stone

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a few days.  My wife delivered our baby girl on Sunday night.  I am happy to report that everybody is well and life is back to normal…well, as normal as it can be.  I would tell you more but that’s another blog.

So, I have been thinking about another piece of equipment: an aeration stone…or more likely an aeration system.

The aeration system is not something I need to go all grain, but I think it would help my beers from being good to being great.

Right now, I aerate my wort by letting it run out of my brew pot’s spigot into my fermentation bucket.   I place my bucket two feet below my kettle and it splashes around real well.

I just wonder if that is enough.

I am thinking I could get an aeration stone, along with the aquarium pump, the HEPA filter, and the tubing and aerate my wort that way.

Here’s a picture of the aeration stone (made out of stainless steel):

Aeration Stone

What are your thoughts on aeration?