The 2018 Brew Dudes Community Brew lives on and on. As more beer arrived at our doorstep, we felt that we should bring them to the studio and drink them. This post showcases three different versions of the same style and we tasted them side by side to chat about their differences. In this video, we show off these beers and put together a wrap up for the community brew.

Three Brown Ales From Three Different Brewers

Thankfully, typing is better for keeping beers separate in your head. Sometimes I get tripped up talking about them. Here’s the breakdown of the three beers:

Steve From Texas:
The main modifications he used in his British Brown ale was his use of Glacier hops, the variety of Special Roast malt (the 340° L kind) and his yeast strain which was Mangrove Jack’s M36 Liberty Bell Ale Yeast. This beer had a nice toffee note to it with light bready quality. It didn’t have as much toast as the other versions we tasted.

Stephen From Rhode Island:
His beer was brewed pretty close to our recipe. He used a 350°L chocolate malt and he used Danstar London ESB dry yeast. Mike could taste the American chocolate malt. It was more milk chocolate in its flavor. It was a pleasant beer with a nice mouthfeel with fruity esters from the yeast.

Kenny From West Virginia:
He made a number of changes to the recipe. His base malt was Golden Promise malt. His caramel malt was Crystal 40°L. His Chocolate malt was 350°L and instead of using Special roast, he used a combination of Victory and Biscuit malt. For the hops, he used Hallertaur and the yeast was Safale-04. We felt that the Golden Promise and the Victory/Biscuit made it less toasty than the other brown ales but the beer was extremely drinkable.

The color of all three were pretty much the same. We found that to be a nice quality and a connecting thread to three very different beers.