Are you getting pumped for this year’s community brew? What’s that? You don’t know what that is? Well, let me tell you.

It’s a chance to brew a beer with other homebrewers around the world and have a chance to swap it.

If you want to get caught up – here’s the announcement and here’s the recipe.

Now – on to the details!

The Official Date for the 2018 Brew Dudes Community Brew

If you want to join the fun along with us, we are brewing the Brown Ale on Saturday, October 20, 2018. It will be happening some time during the day Eastern USA time.

If that date is a no-go for you, it should not be a show stopper. If you like to participate, any brew day between now and the end of October should work well.

We plan to live stream on that day so watch your YouTube alerts for a notification from us.

What Do You Mean By Community Brew?

That’s a good question. Thanks for asking.

As Mike and I put out these videos, we thought a lot about what viewers were getting out of them. Mike is often critical about everything and questioned why anybody would like watching two dudes drinking their own beer.

I noted that comment and we discussed ways of making better connections with the people who watched our videos. We thought about how it would be nice to share the beer we are drinking on camera with everyone (of legal age) who is watching.

Noting that sending beers to everyone is not possible, we decided upon the next best thing.

Wouldn’t it be great to put out a recipe so people could drink our beer? They don’t even have to watch our videos while doing it.

Plus, we have viewers from all over the world. Wouldn’t it be great to connect with people from different countries?

So the community brew is a chance to be a part of a larger brewing event with the ultimate goal of sharing it with others.

How Do I Swap?

If you would like to be a part of the swap, use the email on our contact page. Send us an email that has a subject line relating to the community brew swap and send us your address and a phone number. Many shipping companies require a phone number for shipping so providing one will be needed.

We will be using this information for the swap only.

Once I have your information, I will pair you up with someone who lives close to you. From there, you can work out details on how to exchange Brown ales.

Any Other Community Brew Notes

If you want to alter the recipe, you can. I would take notes on what you did different and why. It will be helpful with anyone you swap with to share the details.

This year, we would like to collect photos and/or videos of your homebrew day. Send them to us and we’ll splice them together for a future video.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.