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2017 Vienna Lager Brew Session Notes

Hey Brew Dudes readers! Here is another post about a brew day. This time, it’s the 2017 edition of the Vienna Lager.

Let’s take a look at the great brew day footage and learn from me on how I do my batch sparging, deal with cold propane tanks, and some tips on aerating wort.

The Finer Points

So if you have never brewed following an all grain recipe and procedure, then maybe batch sparging is a little new to you. In this video, I show off how I build my wort from two runnings off the grain bed.
The first running is from the mash and the second one is from rinsing the grains after the first runnings have been captured in a cooler. I have been batch sparging for years and it has worked for me.

Propane tanks get really cold in the winter time. If they get too cold, the flow of the gas slows down and that can affect the intensity of your flame. If you take some boiling water and pour it over the tank and the line to the burner, it gets the flow to speed up again. I encourage you to experiment in keeping your propane tank warm while brewing in sub-freezing temps.

Lastly, aerate your wort well. You can do this by just opening the spigot on your kettle so that the wort flows freely and picks up air as it enters your fermentation vessel. Well, that’s what I do.

I had a good brew day as everything went as expected. There were no big issues with the boil and the beer fermented very quickly. The one note I have for this year’s edition is that my starting gravity was 1.049 instead of 1.050. Maybe the elimination of Munich malt made for a change in my gravity.

Check back in a few weeks when this beer is done.

Brew on!


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  1. Chris

    Thanks guys. I start my brewday at 5 am and finish at 10. Never have I finished that early.



  2. I got up at 4 AM and worked quickly to get it done. Cheers!

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